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No More Bare Frames!

I had the pleasure of doing a demonstration today at AC Moore working with Vinyl Transfers and Wooden Frames. To do this project, here's what you'll need:
- Wooden Frame
- Vinyl Transfers of your choosing
- Acrylic Paint of your choosing
- Paint Brush
- Something for you to put paint on (like a paper plate or plastic tray)
- Popsicle Stick, Bone Folder or other item to rub your vinyl on your project
- Scissor or Xacto Knife for trimming

I forgot to take pictures of the roll before I used it but will do my best to describe it. The vinyl transfer sheets come on a roll about 12" x 18". The Nicole Crafts vinyl comes with the vinyl pattern and the transfer sheet all in one package (made it super easy to use!!). Here's what the frames look with nothing done to them:

The frames come with "thingies" (yes, that is what they're called when I don't know the official name lol) on the back where you can hang them up on the wall with ease. After you unwrap the frames,…