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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Count Down

With just a little under 4 hours left in 2008, thought I'd take just a little bit of time to post the final blog of the year. I haven't had the time to devote to daily blogging and won't even begin to promise that in 2009. I'm hopeful for what 2009 has to offer and look forward to the possibilities. These are some of my New Years resolutions:

- Develop a healthy lifestyle (will not say the same old "lose weight" or "follow a diet")
- Decrease my "hobby" spending. With potential baby plans (depending on how the first resolution goes), we will need to have fundage for daycare.
- Turn over the proverbial "new leaf" at work - better attitude, new organization, delegate and lose the "do it myself" attitude.

I'm sure there will be more to come as I think about it. Not sure how I'm going to accomplish the above but I'm sure I'll figure it out somehow.

Hope you all have a very Happy New Year!!

Sunday, December 21, 2008

ABCs - All About Me

Totally stole this from another blog (he also stole from another blog LOL). Thought this was neat and wanted to do it too.

A: Attached or Single ... Attached
B: Best Friend ... Amy Witherspoon / Tracey Haynes / Jodi Bryson / Carol Gilbert (one never really only has ONE best friend but these are the few that I know would love me no matter what!)
C: Cake or Pie ... Cake!
D. Day of Choice ... Saturday
E. Essential Item ... For everyday life, Chapstick (Blistex is the best for me!)
F: Favorite Color ... Single color - Blue / Color combos - Brown/Pink, Brown/Teal
G: Gummy bears or worms ... Worms - more bang for the buck :)
H: Home town ... Simpsonville, S.C.
I: Favorite Indulgence ... Scrapbooking Supplies
J: Jan. or July ... Jan - I HATE SUMMER!
K: Kids ... One day!
L: Lemon in your tea ... Nope
M: Marriage Date ... 11/17/01
N: Number or siblings ... 1
O: Oranges or Apples ... Oranges - love clementines!
P: Phobias ... BIG TIME - Spiders! (as well as ALL OTHER crawly things)
Q: Quotes ... not a fan of quotes :)
R: Reasons to smile ... My husband, my dogs, my friends and my hobbies :)
S: Season of choice ... Winter!!
T: Think of 5 people who may do this ... Tracey, Amy, Jodi, Carol, ??
U: Unusual Fact ... Seriously addicted to scrapbooking.
V: Vegetable ... Squash, zuccini, mushrooms.
W: Worst Habit ... Buying things even though I know I shouldn't ... hopefully I can STOP this next year!
X: Excited about ... Family coming into town next week!
Y: Your Favorite Food ... Hubby's chicken tacos.
Z: Zoo or ZZZZZ's ... ZZZZZ's for sure - I LOVE my sleep!

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Recent Craftiness

Howdy! I know it's been a long time since I've posted but at least I'm back for today. Work is keeping me super busy as I'm short staffed. Anyhoo, I thought it would be nice to post some of my recent crafty projects. I'm a member of the Greenville Scrappers and Stampers Sisterhood and have recently started an "Inchie" swap. We've had a lot of trouble getting folks to participate in anything which is very unfortunate since there are some wonderfully talented people in this group of almost 90 folks. Here are some inchie examples that I created. These are very basic but at least gave the group some ideas. I can't wait to see what everyone else creates!

The other thing that I've completed lately is a cardholder for my mother in law. We celebrated a special occasion in her life recently and this was my little gift to her. I scrap-lifted this idea from Split Coast Stampers and made my own version. It was quite a little challenge but my MIL loved it. It ended up holding 5 handmade cards with envelopes. The biggest challenge was getting the thick felt to move through my sewing machine. I started out stitching it by hand and realized very quickly that THAT was not going to happen! I don't have the patience needed for that LOL. When I gave it to her, she was amazed that it was all handmade. She even said that she would NEVER give away the cards that were inside because she wanted to be able to look at them whenever she wanted. She's so crazy (but very sweet to say such nice things).
Well, I'm off to work on some more crafty stuff. My latest project is from Scrapnesia for the Design Team. They have this wonderful thing called the Scrapnesia Rx Club Kit. It's a subscription to a monthly scrapbooking kit (it's cheaper when you buy longer terms but you can purchase month to month if you like). The kit generally contains: stamps, all sorts of paper, coordinating stickers, embellishments etc and ALWAYS has a retail price of over $40 but you pay much less than that when you subscribe. The kit for November is by October Afternoon and uses a bunch of warm fall colors. The theme is Home Sweet Home and I'm super excited to get started making things. Stop by the store sometime and tell Evelyn (the owner) that I sent ya :)
Happy Crafting!