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Sunday, December 21, 2008

ABCs - All About Me

Totally stole this from another blog (he also stole from another blog LOL). Thought this was neat and wanted to do it too.

A: Attached or Single ... Attached
B: Best Friend ... Amy Witherspoon / Tracey Haynes / Jodi Bryson / Carol Gilbert (one never really only has ONE best friend but these are the few that I know would love me no matter what!)
C: Cake or Pie ... Cake!
D. Day of Choice ... Saturday
E. Essential Item ... For everyday life, Chapstick (Blistex is the best for me!)
F: Favorite Color ... Single color - Blue / Color combos - Brown/Pink, Brown/Teal
G: Gummy bears or worms ... Worms - more bang for the buck :)
H: Home town ... Simpsonville, S.C.
I: Favorite Indulgence ... Scrapbooking Supplies
J: Jan. or July ... Jan - I HATE SUMMER!
K: Kids ... One day!
L: Lemon in your tea ... Nope
M: Marriage Date ... 11/17/01
N: Number or siblings ... 1
O: Oranges or Apples ... Oranges - love clementines!
P: Phobias ... BIG TIME - Spiders! (as well as ALL OTHER crawly things)
Q: Quotes ... not a fan of quotes :)
R: Reasons to smile ... My husband, my dogs, my friends and my hobbies :)
S: Season of choice ... Winter!!
T: Think of 5 people who may do this ... Tracey, Amy, Jodi, Carol, ??
U: Unusual Fact ... Seriously addicted to scrapbooking.
V: Vegetable ... Squash, zuccini, mushrooms.
W: Worst Habit ... Buying things even though I know I shouldn't ... hopefully I can STOP this next year!
X: Excited about ... Family coming into town next week!
Y: Your Favorite Food ... Hubby's chicken tacos.
Z: Zoo or ZZZZZ's ... ZZZZZ's for sure - I LOVE my sleep!

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