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Quilling for Christmas!

Hello friends! Thanks for stopping by today! I have a few quilled cards to share with you today. I had the pleasure of teaching another class at my local AC Moore store and these were the cards I showed them today. I can't share the specific details of how these were made as there was a fee for the class (and that wouldn't be fair to those who paid for it). I can give you some tips though when trying to make these at home :). For this one, the best piece of advice I have for you is to design your flowers first before glueing the pieces down. This will ensure that the flowers lay down how you want them to rather than be "stuck" and then out of shape (thus causing you to hate your project).

For this one, be patient and practice, practice, practice! To get the bells "even", try various sizes of paper and pick your favorite size. Make notes as to what sizes your using as you go along so that when you find "the perfect fit", you'll know exactly what …