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Swappity Swap!

Hello again! Yes, I realize "swappity" isn't a word ... just roll with it :). Bringing you a couple of cards I made for swaps at Fancy Paper Crafters. We swap stuff each month so check it out when ya get a chance!
I just love how these two cards turned out. After trying various designs, this is what the final product is:

So one of the things I usually do on my cards is ink the edges of white paper. I use a cut up yellow sponge (one of the circle sponges) which really lets the ink go on nicely. The flowers in the Fall card started out white and I just took some Tim Holtz distress ink and colored them to match my paper - I LOVE making my own custom colored things!
Thanks for stopping by my little piece of craftiness :). Have a craftastic day!

Get Your Quill On!

Hey peeps!! Back at ya with another one of my recent projects. These were made for a class I'm teaching at Easy As Cat Soup on February 8. I am in LOVE with quilling and am very excited about this class! Unfortunately, because this is a paying class, I can't share with you exactly how I made the cards but I can give you just a few tips :).
Patience - like all new hobbies, it takes patience to learn what to do and feel comfortable with it. If you don't have any stores in your area to take quilling classes, You Tube is a wonderful thing. I will say though that there is something about seeing it done "in person" that makes it so much easier!
Practice - you know the old saying "If at first you don't succeed, try, try again"? Well, with quilling, this is sooooo important! This is not something you're going to be an expert at your first time. You have to work through the techniques to develop your skills.
Lastly, take the time and design yourself a quill…