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Happy Easter!

Hello folks! Easter wouldn't be complete without a little craftiness :). My mom needed a new wreath for her door to celebrate Easter/Spring. Since Deco Mesh has become so wildly popular, I suggested we make one using springy colors. So, to come up with an idea, I naturally turned to Pinterest (don't ya just LOVE Pinterest?!). I found this fabulous blog post on how to make a Curly/Spiral Deco Mesh Wreath. This is what we came up with:

Isn't it pretty?! She picked out 5 different colors to use in her wreath. Head on over to the blog link above for specific directions on how to make it. The only thing we changed was that we used a grapevine wreath instead of the wire form (we couldn't find the wire form in stock). It didn't take very long to make at all. It turns out to be about 3 feet all around so it's a pretty big wreath but looks great on your front door. And, since it's made out of mesh, it'll last several years! Well, that's it for today's litt…

Fun with Rinchies!

Hey y'all! Bringing you a little project today that I worked on at PMS Night (stands for Pizza, Munchies, Stamping/Scrapping) about a week ago. These little rinchies (which are round inchies) were made for the March swaps over at the Fancy Paper Crafters online craft group. If you've never participated in swaps before, check out the group as we do monthly swaps and have some really great gals participating. Anyway, here are my rinchies for this swap this month:

For this project, all supplies came from Stampin Up!. If you need a rep, contact Mary Anne Magliaro ( She is one awesome lady and has shared many fabulous projects with us. These stamps and punches are one of my newest purchases. I was hesitant at first due to their tiny size but they really worked out fabulous for this project. I had to make 9 sets of these little boogers which took FOREVER! I wanted to make two that were more feminine and two more masculine. I thin…

Mission Organization: Tool Bag

Hello again!! Thanks for stopping by my little crafty world :). I bring you my first post in what is going to be a series of posts about organizing my craft room. It is honestly a disaster zone and I have no idea how long this is going to take me. At the same time, I will be moving to a bigger room that I will be outfitting with some nifty storage solutions. Stay tuned for more on the progress of that project ... So, today's post is about my tool bag. Unfortunately, I got the notion to blog about this AFTER I had already emptied out my whole bag. So, here's my tool bag empty (it has been loved for many years so it looks a little beat up lol). It has a little drawer on the bottom that you can't see from this view. So this bag doesn't really look all that big but boy does it hold a TON of stuff!! Believe it or not, everything showing in this picture was in this one bag!! I found stuff that I hadn't used/seen in years so it was kind of like Christmas morning LOL (I know…