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Sunday, February 24, 2013

Kitchen Fundamentals Class Number 6

Hello! I'm behind {again} in posting this but better late than never right?! This was our last class in this series at  Charleston Cooks in Greenville, SC and we were sad to see it come to an end. I am certain that we will take more cooking classes in the future ... they have such a wide variety to choose from! The lesson this week was Baking Basics. We were both really excited about this class as we've never made any of these things. We made: Cinnamon Rolls with Cinnabon Frosting, Double Chocolate Ice Cream Cookie Sandwiches, Pound Cake with Blueberry Balsamic Reduction, Parmesan Shrimp Quiche, and Turkey and Brie Sandwiches on Herbed Foccacia.
Here's how everything turned out this time:

Dan and I got to make the Cinnamon Rolls and boy did they turn out DELICIOUS!! Since we are really trying to improve on what we eat, I'm not certain when we'll actually get to use the skills we learned making these. Fortunately, the hardest part was already waiting on us as they pre-made the dough for the rolls (had to save a little time since the class is only two hours). We used a steam oven to "proof" the dough since we didn't have time to let it sit and rise. That was so cool to watch! It only took like 30 minutes for the dough to be ready to put in the oven (Dan says we need to win the lottery so he can have a kitchen like the one at Charleston Cooks) ... they have all the coolest appliances lol. Everything that was made in the class was really delicious. We ended up taking the cinnamon rolls home as there was a ton of food. It made for a yummy breakfast the next day!
Well, that wraps up this series of classes. If you haven't checked out cooking classes, I highly recommend Charleston Cooks. The people that work there are so super friendly and are not pushy in selling their products at all. They are also good at buying food that you can actually find at normal stores rather than having to trapse all over town looking for specialty items. Don't wait to register though if you want to take a class as they fill up super fast! I hope you've enjoyed my little blog ... it ain't much but it's been fun to share the experience.
I'll be back to the crafty fun very soon :) ... Until next time!

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  1. Thought I should comment, as I've been lurking!
    The food looks amazing, and good for you trying it all (Oysters)!
    Your altered box a few posts back is wonderful!