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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Pitiful Puppy

For those of you that are dog owners, you'll appreciate this little story of mine. Before we went on vacation, our young Freckles was having to wear a doggie diaper. Well, it rubbed a little bitty spot on her hip a bit raw. We didn't think much of it as she would only be in the diaper a short time. Well, when she was finished with the torture of having to wear the diaper, we noticed that she started biting at the spot on her hip. Since it was the weekend, our vet wasn't open so I called them on Monday to schedule an appointment. The vet examined her and confirmed that it was a "hot spot" and gave her a shot of steroids and put her on a 10-day antibiotic. Well, because of the fact that she wouldn't leave the spot alone, the vet had to put a little cone on her head. Needless to say, she is not a happy camper as you can tell from these pictures. Am I terrible "Mommy" laughing at my poor puppy girl as she bonks her face on the back of the couch cushion when she jumps up on the couch? I think she's getting me back for laughing when she walks past my legs and catches the thin plastic edge of the cone on my shins - OUCH! The vet says she has to wear it until the spot is well enough so she'll leave it alone. We tried to let her have a little freedom tonight but caught her biting herself and had to put it back on. Our other dog, Patches, is always getting picked on as she's a lover, not a fighter. I think she's silently laughing at Freckles LOL.

Anyhoo, other than that, things are pretty quite on the homefront. We are ready for the hoards of Trick-Or-Treaters that come to our neighborhood Halloween night. I got our 80 goodie bags ready to go and Dan is working on carving the little pumpkins we bought. I don't think we'll be buying those in the future as they've really been a lot of trouble - Dan says it's like carving a rock! We're going to a scary movie halloween party tomorrow night at one of his co-worker's house. That is always a fun little event!

I'm off to read my book, Twilight. I can't wait for the movie to come out but I gotta hurry up and finish the book :)!

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