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Friday, May 10, 2013

Crafting for Moms

Hello again! I wanted to share with you a special project I did for a demo at AC Moore recently. The demo was showcasing the Gallery Glass paints by Plaid Online. This was definitely outside of my comfort zone as I have had no experience with this product. Fortunately, I was given great directions by the corporate office so I had very little trouble putting this together :).
I started out with a template underneath a blank Leading Page. You can snag templates off of the internet as virtually any image can be traced. I simply traced the template with the Leading Paint and ended up with this. If you have trouble keeping the bottle squeezed while you trace, try using both hands (this also helps if you're shaky):

Move it out of the way so that it doesn't get touched while drying. Once that dried (give it at least 24 hours), I took my other paint colors and filled in each section.

It's important to make sure the paint touches the edges of the leading paint. If it doesn't touch, when you peel it off of the leading blank, the piece will not come off in one section. Also, you need to eliminate any air bubbles that come out of the bottle of paint (try using a tooth pick or pin to pop the bubbles). The more often you release the pressure on the bottle, the more often you're going to have bubbles.
You also want a decent layer of paint so that you will not have splotches when it dries. The thicker you lay the paint on, the longer it needs to dry (I did learn a lesson on this tip as I failed to let it dry long enough and I had bits of paint stay stuck to the leading blank but I was crunched for time and wasn't able to continue to wait for it). Seriously, let this thing sit and dry for at least 48 hours. Once it is all the way dry, it peels off the leading blank relatively easily (slow and steady wins the race!). After you peel it off, stick it to whatever project you have! This is how my block turned out:

There are countless things you could fill this with as it has a wide opening at the top - lights, flowers, sand, marbles, easter grass and so much more! This would be such a cute project for kids to do and I bet Mom would really enjoy having a handmade gift this year! I know my mom likes my stuff :).
Hope you've enjoyed this little demo. Happy crafting everyone and a big Happy Mother's Day to all those special mom's out there (most certainly mine!)!

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