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Sunday, August 11, 2013

Diaper Wreaths

Hey y'all! So I have 3 coworkers that are having babies. Of course, I had to figure out something handmade to make! Someone else was already doing a diaper cake so I knew I had to go a different route. So, off to Pinterest I went!
I searched for general "diaper" projects and came across several ideas for diaper wreaths and decided to give it a try. It was much easier than I thought it would have been and was able to get all three done in just one evening.
The supplies were pretty minimal: a wire wreath form for the base, diapers (how many depends on your wreath size and diaper size), ribbon to match the color scheme you're going for and decorations/embellishments.
I used an 18" wire wreath form. If I choose to do this project again, I'll use something smaller, probably a 13" wreath. I think it would look better. Also, I might try using a straw wreath form to allow the diapers to be fuller and not quite as flat around the wreath.
Once you have that worked out, you'll want to choose the type of diapers to use. For these wreaths, I used size 2 diapers by Luvs. Since we don't have children, I had no idea diapers came in such a wide variety! I asked a friend, and she suggested Luvs. Standing in the diaper aisle at Target, I went through all the brands seeing what the pictures looked like on the diaper. I'm sure the Target employee thought I was crazy LOL. I was trying to get "boy" themed diapers and "girl" themed diapers. Well, price wise, it was going to cost a good bit more to do this so I opted to stick with one brand. In case you didn't know, the Luvs brand come with a purple design with a monkey on the front so it worked great for either gender.
Now to figure out what you want to use to "connect" the diapers to your wreaths. I opted for ribbon. You can also choose twine, jute or any other type of string to tie the diapers to the wreath. I tried to coordinate my ribbon with the themes the ladies were using in their babies room. I chose to use two different ribbons and alternated as I went around the wreath. I'm horrible at tying bows so I went with a very simple knot and clipped the ends of the ribbon on a slant. The trick is to get your knot tied as close as possible to the wreath and tight enough where the diaper doesn't slide around (but not too tight as you'll damage the wreath and won't be able to see the monkey on the diaper). For this size wreath, I used 26 diapers on each wreath. This easily covered up all the wire wreath form. You could use more if you wanted them more tightly packed on there.
Next up, you'll need to decide what type of embellishments or decorations you want to use on your wreath. Since the diapers I chose already had a design, I didnt want to over do it and make the wreath look like a baby store threw up all over it ;). I found a 5 pack of onesies while at Target and rolled them up and attached them using a sheer ribbon (make sure you tie them tight or they'll slip off easily). Other items you could use would be light weight toys, mini bottles, wash cloths or burp cloths. Whatever you choose, just make sure they're light enough to be held on with ribbon. I also chose to add the babies initials to the wreaths. I found simple white letters at my local craft store and just added a bit of ribbon, bling and buttons. I would have painted it but didn't have an appropriate paint for them (I tried acrylic and it rubbed right off (sanding them didn't work either and I was pressed for time so I just left them white)). They blend in on the wreath but the intention is for the parents to take the wreath apart and use the diapers, onesies and keep the the initials if they'd like.
I think that about sums up how I did these wreaths. So, without further ado, here are the 2 boy wreaths and 1 girl wreath.

Thanks for stopping by today! I hope you've enjoyed seeing these cute wreaths :). If you have any questions at all, just ask!

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