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Sunday, January 13, 2013

Fun with Stick Pins!

Howdy folks! So, first of all, let me tell ya that me and my camera were not getting along when taking pictures of these little things. Of all the ones I took, these are the best so please bear with me :) (I'm definitely not a professional photographer LOL).
A while back, we did a stick pin swap at Fancy Paper Crafters. I had so much fun making them last time, I wanted to try them again. These are the completed ones from the swaps last year:
After digging through numerous drawers of embellishments for a project I was working on, I gave up trying to find "the perfect one" and made my own! Here's a list of supplies that you'll need (fortunately, all of these are pretty easy to find at any local craft store).
- Copic Marker of your Choosing (I think I used BG23 - Coral Sea)
- Beads of your Choosing (I used Swarovski Crystal Beads and a random antique silver bead I found in my collection)
- Some type of foam mat to stick them in (I used my stamp cleaning pad as it's what I had on hand (eh, it worked!)
I had to make a total of 10 of these little buggers. Here's a snapshot of what they look like "bare":
I took my Copic Marker and colored the "white" part of each pin to match the colors for my project (will share the finished project some other time). Once they're colored, I let them sit for a while so they could dry (about 10 minutes). You could probably also zap them with a heat gun but I didn't have one with me. Here's what they look like colored (if you want your color to be deeper, let them dry and then color them again and let dry (repeat until desired color is achieved)).
After the pins had dried, I took an antique silver bead and turned it up and slipped it on the needle. Before reach the top of the pin, I filled it with a little of glossy accents (doesn't take much!) and pushed it up to stick to the round pin top. After that, I put a tiny little drop around the pin just under the antique silver bead and slipped on the pink Swarovski crystal. I then stuck it in my foam pad and hung them upside down until they were dry (easy to do, just hang your foam pad off the edge or your table). It only takes probably 10 mintues to dry depending on how much glue you used.
Anyway, here's the finished project. Check back tomorrow to see how used these new creations!
Happy crafting folks!!

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