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Thursday, January 24, 2013

Mosaic Madness

Hello again! No paper project for you today ... decided to mix things up a bit and show you my mosaic "skills". A while back, Groupon ran a special from Laura K. Aiken Studios for a Mosaic Tile class. A group of my friends decided we should try our hands at this new craft (as we don't have enough already lol). Here's my creation and then a group shot of all of ours:

I am definitely not a "pro" when it comes to working with little pieces of glass LOL. We had a really GREAT time together at least (isn't that the important part?!). These were really quite easy to make. We started with a 4x4 piece of foam board and using some type of glass glue (it looked like Elmer's glue), we simply glued these tiny pieces of broken glass down. The teacher gave us a ton of glass to choose from and we were only supposed to pick out squares and rectangles to keep it simple. She told us to glue down the pieces as we found them but my personality wouldn't allow that so I had to design the whole thing first LOL. Well, I learned why she said that once I finally started glueing it down. Glueing it down as you go keeps you from constantly changing your mind making the project take way longer than it should! I'm not sure why mine looks a lot sloppier than everyone else's but I'm proud of it none the less. I don't see myself becoming a glass master in the future ;).
That's it for today! Until next time .... happy crafting! :)

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