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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Kitchen Fundamentals Class Number 4

Hey y'all! Back at ya today with another one of the cooking classes Dan and I are taking at Charleston Cooks in Greenville, SC. Our "lesson" for tonight's class was Meat and Poultry in which we learned how to make the following: Fried Chicken with Pan Gravy, Smoked Pork Chops with Orange Barbeque Sauce, Oregano Steak and Mixed Pepper Fajitas, Chicken and Red Rice Stuffed Peppers, and Chile con Carne.

Tonight was another fun night! The kitchen was HOT with all of the cooking going on. The food was a bit fancier this week but was still good. Here's how everything turned out:
While we were eating dinner, Mark (the  super awesome instructor) asked everyone to sing happy birthday to Dan which was really special. He blushed ;) (I don't often get to see him blush). He was also suprised by 2 ladies in our class with 2 cupcakes!
My favorite dish was the Fried Chicken with Pan Gravy. I've never made fried chicken (is that a surprise seeing as how I don't cook?!) and it was so super easy! It'll be a while though before we make this as it isn't a healthier choice at all LOL. The rice dish was pretty good. They made it using dark meat which I would change if we ever made it at home. Also, I'm not that big of a fan of peppers so I'd leave those out of everything. The cheese on top of the rice was real mozzerella and man was it yummy! The Chile con Carne was super tasty as well. The only real change I would make to this dish is maybe leave out the cinnamon. There was just a touch of it in there which threw off the taste for me just a bit. The fajitas were great once I took off the peppers (I tried them at least!). Lastly, is the dish that Dan and I (and we had another person in our group but I don't remember her name) made which was the pork. We used a super spicy rub on the outside of the pork which was too spicy for me. It was pretty cool how we made this though as we used a stove top smoker which was awesome to see. It was small enough to fit on one burner and didn't smoke up the entire kitchen. The barbeque sauce on top was supposed to be a peach sauce but they couldn't find any peaches this time of year and didn't want to use canned. So, they changed it up and made an orange sauce instead. It was awesome! I have a feeling this is something we'll be making again :).
Well, that's it for this time around. Stay tuned for our next class which is Fish and Shellfish (Dan is not excited about this on AT ALL so we'll see how it goes!).

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